VEGAN Christmas meal ideas 1.

Hello beautiful people!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! My favourite part of Christmas is usually the 26th, which is traditionally my ‘rest day’. We stay at home, wearing pijamas all day, eating leftover Christmas food and reading all day. Right now, I am sitting under the tree, sipping my fruit punch… really calm and relaxing!

This was my first Christmas as a vegan, and I think I don’t have to say, it caused a lot of confusion in my family. Especially to my mother and grandmother, who worried about what I can eat. I always say, being vegan is the easiest way to eat, because I am always satisfied with a big bowl of salad or fruit, or some baked potatoes with some roasted veggies. So, there’s no need to worry.

Usually I prefer easy and still yummy and fulfilling recipes, because although I love cooking, I don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen. What a contradiction, hah? Especially during holidays like Christmas, it doesn’t make sense to me, to spend my whole day in the kitchen instead of spending time with my loved ones. So, the magic words are easy and fulfilling.

My Christmas menu was creamy roasted carrot and sweet potato soup, quinoa salad with brussels sprouts and all kind of goodies and I also made some chestnut cookies. Here comes the recipes!


Ingredients (for 6 people):

  • 1 huge sweet potato

  • 6 decent carrots

  • 2 smaller onions

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • 1 tsp. madras curry

  • 1 tsp. turmeric

  • fresh ginger (I used aprox. 2 cm)

  • salt and pepper and a little cayenne

  • if you like, you can put some chilli flakes on top

  • 400ml rice coking cream

First I preheated the oven for 200 Celsius and roasted the veggies with only one onion. When everything was nicely roasted I put them into my blender and blended well. In the meantime, I chopped the onion and with some water and the grated ginger added into a pot. Then added the seasoning and when the onion was cooked, I added the veggies. After that you only need 3 glass of water, the rice cream and some good stir, and you are done with your super easy and super yummy soup.



  • 1 cup of quinoa

  • 10 brussels sprouts

  • 200gr dried cranberries

  • 0,5 cup of walnuts

I cooked the quinoa and the brussels sprouts, and mixed everything together. These are the instructions I cannot say anything else about this 😊 Oh yeah, one more thing! I made some roasted tofu for this salad.

CHESTNUT COOKIE (gluten-free)


  • 250gr rice flour

  • 70gr sugar

  • 250 gr butter (vegan of course)

  • 200gr chestnut cream

  • 50gr coffee

  • a pinch of salt

A good advice at the beginning: make sure you buy a chestnut cream without any additional sugar, because I accidently bought the sugar type…

Fist mix the butter and the sugar, and then add the chestnut, the flour, the salt and the coffee and mix them well. Make little biscuits and put them on a pan covered with baking sheets and put them in the oven for 15-20 minutes (preheated for 180 Celsius). When it’s done, but still hot you can twirl them into the mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon.

This was my Christmas menu, it is really simple and yet fullfilling, I hope you enjoyed it!

I'm planning to make a second edition which shows what you can make for a non-vegan boyfriend :)

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