Exciting news!

Hi Guys!

I know it’s been a while since my last post. A lot of things happened in my life and I’ve been working on some pretty exciting stuff. As you may see, I rebuilt the whole blog, I’m planning to make weekly posts about vegan lifestyle, yummy and healthy vegan recipes and also, I have a third topic: conscious living. So, stay tuned!

But the biggest news of all is that I created a YouTube channel called Eat good feel good! I’m going to post my second video tonight.

I’m excited to share my vegan journey with you. I’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for a while now, but I always thought that there are so many channels out there in the topic of veganism, so why would anyone care? I guess we all have these fears, when we start something new. We are afraid of no one would appreciate what we do, or we will get too many negative comments about it. But you know what? You’ll never know until you start it. (I know, it’s a huge commonplace, but still true.) And if things don’t work for you, you can always start something new.

Soo watch my videos and subscribe to my channel if you liked it, because it would make me extremely happy.




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