Starting my OWN CLOTHING BRAND// Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Howdy Everyone,

Welcome back! And I welcome myself back too, because and don’t even know when was my last post. Today I want to share why I took a break, so let’s jump into it!

I created my own eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brand, called Green Rebel. In the past couple of months I was working on graphic designs for t-shirts, and now I can finally say that Green Rebel is out in the world!

If you are interested in the topic I highly recommend to watch the documentary called ‘The true cost’ which changed how I think about the fast fashion industry for good!

Green Rebel Clothing was inspired by two things: the love of nature and the low impact lifestyle. I love spending as much time out in the wood as possible, and I’d like to show this love in my designs too. The low impact lifestyle is a little more complicated, it means so many things to me. But for short, low impact lifestyle for me is the effort each and every day to cause less harm. Being vegan, trying to reduce your waste, and trying to make ethical purchases (clothing definitely plays a huge role in it).

I use Teemill, which is a print on demand service, and I’m nothing but glad that I found them. The t-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton, in a factory which is powered by wind and the workers are in ethical conditions (so no sweat shops or other nasty stuff). The prints are made in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory. I’m super happy that I’m able to create t-shirts which really promote my ethics. (I’m actually planning to write a post about why slow fashion and sustainable fashion is important, and what’s wrong with the fast fashion industry.)

It is a very exciting and also scary phase, when you’ve just started a business, and still figuring everything out. I can’t wait to take photos of my tees and to go to vegan markets to promote them. I’m still working on some new designs, but you can find the first ones in my store.





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