My 30ish days without COFFEE

Hi Guys!

In today’s blog post I will share my no coffee challenge with you. I’ve been thinking about doing a no coffee challenge for a while, but an accident gave me the final push (you can find out more in my new video).

I wanted to try life without coffee, because I know a lot of people, who say their life is better without coffee and also because sometimes I felt pretty addicted to coffee. Even though I drank a lot of coffee, I always felt tired, especially after drinking coffee, and that’s weird, right?

The first 1-1,5 weeks was hard. When I woke up in the morning my first thought was how much I want to drink a coffee and I also had a very bad headache throughout the day. I replaced coffee with tea, mainly earl grey and chai. I know these drinks also contain caffeine, but not as much as coffee and since it wasn’t a no caffeine challenge I thought that’s fine.

Around the second week I started to feel amazing! I enjoyed my morning teas very much and I felt that my energy level was balanced throughout the day. No tiredness, no headache. During the challenge there were two occasions, when I felt exhausted and I drank a cup of coffee, but that didn’t stop me continuing my challenge. I don’t consider this as a failure. These challenges are good to push your boundaries and you can learn a lot about your body and yourself. So I think that was part of the learning process to!

What I’ve learnt during the challenge is that actually I’m not as addicted to coffee as I thought I was. Even though I love the taste of coffee and I love going to caffes maybe it’s not the best for my body. When I started to drink coffee again I didn’t feel better or energetic, on the contrary, I felt worse! After a good cup of coffee I felt extremely anxious, stressed and tired at the same time.

So the question is am I going to drink coffee again? I don’t really know. Honestly, it is not a pleasant feeling to be addicted to something, even if it’s just coffee, which is not the worst drink in the world. And honestly I love tea! Tea makes me feel so energetic! When I drank coffee I always had extreme tiredness after drinking it, but when I drink tea, my energy level is balanced during the day, which is a really cool thing! In the next couple of weeks I want to continue my experiment. I’d like to stick to my morning teas, and maybe drink coffee occasionally during my day.

If you’d like to see a more visual diary of the challenge, check out my video about it!



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