Owning NON-VEGAN items // Am I still a VEGAN?

Hi Guys!

Today I share my thoughts on a controversial topic, which is owning or using non-vegan items as a vegan. I’ve got a pair of leather boots which I still use. I ate a vegan diet when I bought the boots 2 years ago, but I think I didn’t have the ethical connection. I consider myself an ethical vegan now, but I still have the boots and I still use it. I wanted to talk about this topic, because I see a lot of people on social media, who promote that as a vegan you can’t own anything which is non-vegan, but in reality, it is not that easy!

So why I still have the boots?

Well, they are in a perfect condition, they are very comfy and I’ve already paid a lot of money for them. I use them, because for me it didn’t feel right to sell them or to donate them, or to waste them. I definitely wouldn’t buy them now, as I know about animal torture a lot, but as much as I hate the idea of killing animals, I hate the idea of wasting perfect things and buying new ones too. So I will use them until I can.

Being a 100% vegan can be very hard in this world, depending on where someone lives or your financial situation. Eating a 100% vegan diet is super easy! There are several vegan options everywhere, and veggies and fruits are always accessible. The hard part is, when you have to buy clothing items, or finding cosmetics, or even medicine or vitamins and minerals which are vegan. Don’t get me wrong, it is easy to find vegan options from these products, but they can be pricey.

I think if you have non-vegan stuff from your “previous life” it is okay to use them. Except for when you are not comfortable to use them, but that is a different case.

If you still have something to use up, and you do use it, it doesn’t mean that you are not vegan enough. The most important thing is the effort, that someone is trying to live better and to behave better for the animals, for the planet and for it’s own health. Never underestimate the small things, you can change in your lifestyle. Maybe today you can only eat a vegan diet, but who knows, maybe tomorrow you can do even more!

Everyone started with a tiny change. And these changes will mount up!



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