Stepping out of my comfort zone

Hi there, welcome back!

Last week I was on a holiday. I didn’t go anywhere, but I had too many days at work which I had to use, so I took the week off. I had so many plans for this week what I was going to do: staying in bad all day reading, trying new recipes, eating lot’s of healthy plants, working on my brand and…. going hiking.

I love being in the mountains and going hiking. Somehow it feels that this is the perfect way for me to clear my had and get a ton of energy and inspiration! But I have never gone hiking alone. This was something that I really wanted to do but I felt it’s out of my comfort zone. What if I get bored and no one’s there to motivate me? What is something happens? What if I get lost? And a ton of other questions…

I took a deep breath and instead of asking these questions over and over again, I just went hiking. It was the best thing that happened to me this week for sure! I thought it was going to be weird alone but it felt so natural. I went to The Cobbler, which is only an hour drive from where I live.

It was an amazing experience and I’m sure I’m going to hike alone again. This post is a little reminder for me and for everyone else out there to don’t be afraid doing things that deep inside you really want to!



PS: sorry for the pictures, I left my camera in the car.I wanted to experience everything instead of worrying about the perfect shot.

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