Sustainable and eco-friendly products | My favourite things in the summer of 2018

September 13, 2018

I have to tell you Guys, I’m usually pretty conscious about my purchases. I love the idea of minimalism, and to buy things which are necessary and add value to my life. Most of these products are eco-friendly, and some of them are made from recycled materials so it’s a win-win to everyone.



Ecoffee reusable cup





Did you know that each year 100 billion single use cups go to landfill? That is such a huge number!  I always bring my own reusable take away cup with me, just in case I drink coffee somewhere. I chose this cup because it is made from bamboo fibre which is totally recyclable. I didn’t want to buy a plastic take away cup, because it makes no sense to buy plastic if you want to reduce your plastic usage, right? It is a super small change in your life, but a huge change for the envirnoment.









Organicup menstrual cup




Maybe this is a little bit weird, to mention my menstrual cup as one of my favourite things… In the past few months I’ve been trying to reduce my waste and be more conscious about my purchases. A woman uses approximately 11 000 disposable pads or tampons in a lifetime. And this is just one individual. But it’s not only a lot of waste but also not too healthy to use tampons, because they use chemicals to produce them, which is not healthy to our body. And one more interesting fact, which I did not know: tampons are actually tested on animals? ( yes, they stick it into an animal...) What a crazy world… After some research this brand seemed the best for me, because I love the idea, that they donate menstrual cups to girls who live in developing countries. It was very easy to use from the beginning and now I just can't imagine to go back to tampons.




Knot wrap from Lush


I fell in love whit this knot wrap the minute I saw it. First of all, the pattern is beautiful, and second it is made from 2 plastic bottles. It is amazing that you can make such nice things like this from such ugly things as plastic bottles. This is actually a great way to recycle and reuse plastic bottles instead of chucking them to the oceans.


'What would love do' perfume from Lush


Something it was hard to find for me was a vegan and cruelty free perfume which is not too expensive. At Lush most of the products are vegan and cruelty free and what I really like about them is that they sell package free, naked items too. And the products are freaking awesome!


Hara the Label underwear


I’ve wanted to buy underwear from Hara the Label for a long time, but it is expensive as fudge. But I thought my birthday was a good occasion to buy something nice for myself, so I ordered two bralettes. I think I wrote too many times I love something in this post, but oh boy, I love these products! It is super comfy, and the fabric is so soft, and of course vegan.

Hara the Label is a company which put emphasis on being sustainable and eco-friendly and they create a safe and fair working environment in Bali.


Twothirds t-shirt


This company uses sustainable and recycled materials for their products. Their aim is to reduce environmental damage. Not every product they sell is vegan, but there’s a few. It is nothing special, I just like the idea of being conscious about fashion and clothing, because fast fashion industries cause a huge damage to the environment. And one more thing I love about this company and Hara the Label is that they are super conscious about the packaging of their items so they do not use any kind of plastic to ship their products.



Star constellation tee by TenTree


Okay, so I love everything with stars, that is why I fell in love with this t-shirt immediately. And then I read about the company, and I found out that they are called TenTree because they plant 10 trees after very purchase. With your products you get a code, which shows you where are your trees. Mines are in Madagascar. The t-shirt itself was made from recycled plastic bottles. After reading this information about the company I felt that I wanted to buy a t-shirt because it looks incredibly good and I also wanted to support a company which uses recycled materials and trying to save this planet.



+1. Eleonor Oliphant is completely fine book


I love reading but I’m quite picky, so it is usually hard to find a book that I really enjoy. I have to admit, I bought this book, because I liked the cover. The book is about a lady, who thinks her life is just fine, but at some point, she has to realize that her life is far from fine. It’s hard to talk about the book without spoil the whole story, but this is a nice story about change. I like the idea that no matter how shitty life can be, we have the power to change it. And also, there is a huge twist at the end, I was absolutely shocked when I read it. So, I highly recommend this book.





PS.: I’m not sponsored by any of these companies I just simply think these are wonderful eco-friendly products that I wanted to show you.


I hope you found this post intersting, if you have any suggestions in this topic leave me in the comments below or write me a massage. I'd love to hear your ideas!










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