Is Veganism a Privilege?

July 22, 2019

A couple days ago I saw a video on YouTube about veganism with an engaging title (Here’s why we need to rethink veganism) so I clicked. The point of the video was even though veganism can lower your carbon footprint, so it’s good for the planet, it’s not accessible to everyone.





As I was watching the video I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that the video suggests that veganism is a privilege which is only for those few who live in big cities with a lot of money. It is sad that in 2019 we still have these assumptions. Despite the fact that there are thousands of videos on YouTube about how to eat vegan on a budget. I feel like we should really break down that myth for good.


When I went vegan I was a university student with a tight budget. Actually I’ve been thinking about going vegan way before I did but I always convinced myself that it is not for me. I don’t live in a tropical country where I could buy quality fruits, I don’t have money for fancy superfoods, I can’t afford to buy vegan supplements and the list goes on. I made excuses. A couple months later I went vegan and I had to realise that this is easy. Being vegan was so much easier than eating meat and it didn’t cost that much at all! The best thing about being vegan is that there are no strict rules. You can shape your diet depending on the season, where you live and what is accessible there. I think the most important thing to understand is that you don’t need to eat like anyone else. You don’t have to follow any movement - like high carb low fat or 80/10/10 - you do you! Also you don’t need to buy trendy superfoods if you don’t have money or access to it. Veganism can be expensive if you buy meat or cheese substitutes, you eat out a lot or if you buy ready made food at supermarkets. But on the other hand the cheapest foods in the world are vegan! Potatoes, rice, beans, lentils and fresh produce which are in season.


In 2019 it is a very poor argument against veganism that it is expensive because it is not expensive at all! If you type in “vegan on a budget” on Youtube I guarantee you’ll find thousands of useful videos. It makes me a little bit sad that someone can still make the “veganism is expensive” video. It is so easy to do research in the subject! I am sure that the person who made this video put a lot of effort in it. But if you are making a video in such a controversial topic, like veganism, it’s essential to do a thorough research. Especially if you are not an expert of the subject. On the Internet people take every piece of information for granted. Sharing videos online is huge responsibility.


I’ve been vegan for over two and a half years. During this time I lived in three countries and also travelled to places where there were limited vegan options. I could make it work because I wanted to make it work.








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