Maybe Internet is not so bad after all

June 28, 2019

Hi and welcome back to my blog!


Recently every social media influencer encourage you to do a social media detox every once in a while. They say it is beneficial to your mind and allows you to be present instead of being online all the time. I’ve always wanted to do a social media pause, but somehow I’ve never done it. Two weeks ago we moved to a new house, and of course as we expected, we had to order a new broadband service. But we didn’t expect it to take two weeks to actually have internet access.




In the first few weeks we used our mobile internet but it turned out to be really expensive to use it all the time so we had to change our tactics: we started to go to Starbucks more and more often (which is also not cheap).


What I’ve learned during these days? Being without internet sucks. Having a limited access to internet is totally different then doing a social media detox. I didn’t miss social media during these days at all. I wasn’t concerned about who posted a new pic on Instagram or made a new video on YouTube. But there is so much more in my everyday life that I need the internet for. There are the necessities like shopping online and paying your bills. And there are the fun things like watching a good Netflix show, reading a good article, doing yoga with Yoga with Adriene or read about politics and what’s going in the world if you are that kind of girl.


Whether we like it or not, internet connects us to the world.


I tried to read, sure I did. But I couldn’t let the feeling go that I’m only doing it because I couldn’t do anything else. After all internet connects us to the world in many ways. We can talk to our friend and loved ones (which for me is very important as we live quite far from them), we can make new friends on social media, we can read about what is happening in the world around us, we can learn new things, we can watch videos… and the list is endless.


Maybe internet is not a bad thing at all.

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