The BEST Blender? // Ninja blender review

July 5, 2019

Hi Guys, welcome back to the blog!



Today I share everything you need to know about the new gem of my kitchen: the Ninja BL682UK2 blender. This is going to be my honest review of the product and I’m not sponsored in any ways (I wish I was though).




A couple weeks ago we moved to a bigger house. I’ve been planning to buy a new blender for ages but I couldn’t fit one into my old tiny kitchen. When I did my research I focused on high speed blenders with reasonable price which can handle my banana ice creams and cashew creams, but on the other hand I don’t have to pay a fortune for it. Ninja is considered to be the cheapest version of high end blenders like Vitamix and Blendtech. Vitamix is around £600 and Blendtech is around £500 but I only paid £140 for my Ninja ( it was reduced from £200). The price is definitely a huge con. I chose this exact type, because it has a lot of accessories and gadgets, so hopefully I won’t have to upgrade it for a while.


What’s inside the box:


  • 650ml Nutri Ninja Cup

  • 500ml Nutri Ninja Cup

  • Pro Extractor Blades for the Nutri cup

  • Spout Lid

  • Food processor bowl

  • Chopping Blade

  • Dough Blade

  • Feed Chute Lid

  • Spindle for discs

  • Shredding/Slicing disc

  • Grating disc

  • Pitcher

  • Blender lid with locking handle

  • Stacked Blade assembly

  • Motor Base




During the week I tried to use my new blender as much as I could and I tried to use most of the accessories. I made my morning smoothies with the Nutri Ninja Cup, I shredded carrots with the shredding disc, I made cookie dough in the food processor bowl and I also made some falafels.

The short answer is: I FREAKING LOVE THIS BLENDER but let’s see some pros and cons!






The first drink that I made was a huge smoothie with frozen bananas and blueberries, spinach and a ton of peanut butter - because what is life without peanut butter, right? I used frozen fruit because I think you can really see how a blender performs when you use frozen food. It makes really smooth and creamy smoothies and does a pretty good job with frozen and harder fruits and veggies too!


The big jug has triple and the food processor jug has double blades which are more efficient then the traditional single blades. It’s easy to clean them because you can remove the blades separately. I like the idea that you can buy all the accessories separately so if anything goes wrong it is easy to get a spare one.


The Nutri Ninja Cup is just the perfect size for my morning smoothies! The dough function is my new favourite because it makes the whole process so easy and quick!






The only thing I’m not sure I’m going to use is the shredding disc. It does a great job, but it makes so much mess and it’s a bit hard to clean it afterwards.



All in all, I think the Ninja is a really good blender which definitely worth the money! I feel like it opened up a lot of possibilities in the kitchen, so I can’t wait to try new exciting recipes!




My Blender

Ninja BL682UK2 


Other Ninjas I considered buying


Ninja DUO 

Ninja Multi-Serve 

Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen System




I hope this post was helpful for you. Let me know in the comments below, If you have any questions!








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