The BEST reusable cup // ecoffee cup vs. rCup

January 14, 2019


Hi Guys!


Today I’m going to share my experiences with my reusable cups. Each year over 100 billion single use coffee cups go to landfill, because contrary to the popular belief, they are not recyclable. As the first step on my low waste journey, I bought a reusable cup, because as a coffee addict, it seemed logical. Then we bought a totally different one for my boyfriend, so let’s see which one is the best!




Ecoffee cup


This cup was the first I bought, and what I really love about this one is that it is made from bamboo fiber. It feels really natural and a 100% recyclable. For me it didn’t feel right to buy a plastic cup when my attempt was to reduce my plastic waste. It is also super light, so you can carry it easily in your bag. They have a huge variety, a lot of different colours and sizes, so everyone can find the best. I truly love this cup, but there’s one issue with it. It is no leak proof. So before you put it into your bag after a great cup of coffee you need to rinse it and clean it with a tissue a little bit. This can be slightly inconvenient sometimes, especially if you are in a hurry. There’s one more thing, which is really not a big one. The inside of the mug is discoloured a bit. I think it is mainly because of the material it’s made from. It looks dirty from the first use even though I clean it after every use.


All in all, this is a great cup and a highly recommend the brand!


Ecoffee cup:







The other cup we own is an rCup and I have to admit this is the one I use regularly. Originally we bought it for my boyfriend because he wanted a cup which is leak proof. It is made from recycled coffee cups which is a great idea! It has a very simple and minimal design and a 100% leak proof so it is very handy that’s why I use it almost every single day! The only disadvantage is that is is a little bit big. It has the same size as the ecoffee cup, but it is made from different materials. The advantage of that is that it keeps your beverage hot for a longer time. But it definitely needs more space in your bag.  I saw a couple weeks ago that they started to sell smaller versions too so I’m thinking about getting one. 


A smaller version of rCup can be the perfect cup!






The BEST cup?


All in all, both cups are great! I like the idea that they use recycled or eco-friendly materials. If I had to choose one, that would be the rCup because it is leak proof and makes life easier. They are not the cheapest in the market. I like supporting sustainable brands with my money if I can. But you can definitely buy cheaper cups too or even make your own one! So please don’t feel that you have to buy the most expensive product. The low impact movement is about trying to make less  waste and for that a glass jar as a cup will do the job!


Every change is important, even if it seems small!


Thanks for reading this post, I hope it was helpful. Which is your favourite cup? Let me know in the comments below.












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